You can’t have a farm without crops!

Our first big project has been the garden. We have been lucky enough to already have a wonderful garden plot established. This weekend we were really busy weeding but it’s been raining and so cold I wasn’t able to get good pics of the finished product until today. We have given our patch of heaven the name ‘Up to Scratch Farm’ and have started gardening. We met our neighbors, Dot and Jack and they are awesome. I asked Dot advice on what to plant and she not only came to tell me but brought garden tools to help weed. She then took me around to the local nurseries to help me select plants and proudly told them I was her neighbor and she was helping me plant my garden. She seemed to enjoy bossing us around and said Jack had also said he was glad she was off bossing other people. So with Dot’s advice, we have cabbage, onions, cucumbers, squash, many pepper varieties, russet and red potatoes, beans and herbs. She showed us how to plant them and said we were doing a very good job. It’s coming along nicely!!! Although that little table was made to hold a grill I think it will hold a beehive in the future. You can also see the chicken coop in the background. Chicks come at the end of the month!!! Stay tuned.…

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