Big Doins!

Yes, big doins. I’m a transplanted Southerner, which means I says things like y’all, hey y’all, etc. So, big doins at UTSF. I didn’t think I had an accent until I moved WAY north and west of the Mason Dixon, but apparently it’s noticeable enough for frequent comments when I go anywhere. Anyway, back to farm news! Our neighbors have noticed the activity over here and are watching our progress!

Nosy neighbors!

Garden news

Everything is doing really well, which is surprising considering I have the ability to kill plastic plants. If it makes sense, I have really good looking dirt. Coming from Georgia’s red clay soil, it’s nice to not have to fight to plant something. I am excited to see their progress!

Onions, cucumbers, various herbs and echinacea
Cabbages and Potatoes
I call
this, Jacob’s Garden of Pain. Ghost peppers, Serrano Peppers, and Jalapeño.
I planted a few brown eyed Susans but they seem irritated and can’t decide if they want to live. They were extremely root bound so maybe it’ll be ok. Sometimes we have to be dramatic first. I think you have to bloom where you are planted but I guess they need time to decide.
Apparently this sandbox is a bathroom attraction for the invisible barn cats that live here. We’ve yet to see them but I’m told they exist. I have Hide and Seek elite level barn cats. We plan to move the giant litter box to the garden for blueberry bushes

House news… I’m still working on the flowerbeds around the house and finding little diamonds along the way. Someone clearly loved this place so I am trying to preserve all the plants I find as I remove the English Ivy. As I’ve worked I’ve found…

Clematis. I plan to move it to the tack room and using some trellis I found on the property, give it something to climb.
Columbine, several different varieties.
A rose bush!!!

There is still so much to do, but it’s a joy being able to work on it. We also bought three more cherry trees to add to the orchard we didn’t know we had! Apparently this pretty girl knew. I hope she doesn’t eat all of the cherries!

Drive through, no dine in. I would think green cherries are super sour?
She was not a fan of echinacea, she nibbled and went on her way

Up to Scratch Ambassadors have arrived!!

What’s a farm without chickens??

My Chicken babies deserve a post of their own… so keep checking!

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